Mobile Device Solutions

Our developers deliver cross platform applications and mobile websites. Turn to us for Android application development and iOS application development.

Mobile web apps are useful alternatives to native apps for mobile devices. These days, Android-based products and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad all come packed with fantastic mobile browsers. Mobile Chrome and Mobile Safari and Opera fans can install their preferred browser too. From a desktop point of view, these products make browsing just about the most amazing participation. CSS3 transitions, beautifully crafted HTML5 and embellishments mean their users get the highest possible browsing experience. Content however has to be crafted with care and consideration. Their mobile counterparts equally do not disappoint. Fast-loading JavaScript combined with equally impressive CSS3 and HTML rendering meansthat your mobile browser can provide you with as rich an experience as a native app.

Being mobile and Web-based, there are obviously going to be performance concerns. One advantage of native over Web-based mobile apps is that you download much of the interface when you originally download the app, so you are only really loading relevant data. In addition, native apps can take advantage of the platform’s integrated development features such as standard UIs, which can enhance performance. Web-based mobile apps work in the same way as a website would i.e., you load the content of a page when a user requests to view that page. With primed caches we can use the browser cache to make searching faster for users. All graphics, images, scripts and data are loaded from your web server as opposed to being on the client’s device.

We empower organisations to take full advantage of modern mobility. We provide the programming and design skill to execute applications flawlessly with award-winning design, engineering, and project management resources.

We have emerged as an important contributor to the mobile development and marketing arena. Bluegate Technologies has extensive experience in strategising, developing, implementing and maintaining integrated mobile sites and content delivery to hand-held mobile devices. Africa with its limited reach of fixed-line telecoms infrastructures and other information media, in combination with rapid growth in the mobile sector, represents a fertile ground for mobile Internet services and handset penetration promoting the need for any brand or campaign to have a Bluegate-created mobile strategy.