Software Overview

We have a wide selection of components to select from.

This allows you to start a website core by using our basic CMS module and then simply just adding components as required.

Software components available are as follows:
The Content Management System
Shopping Cart and Payment gateway (E-commerce) integration
Banner Manager
Document and File Manager
Member Manager
Events (Calendar) Manager
E-Mail client integration
Multimedia Library Manager
News and Articles Manager
GIS Mapping Integration
Statistical Data and Graph Display Manager

The Content Management System

We run the front-end via .php pages interlinked with J-Query graphical components and AJAX. The sites load quickly due to on-demand display, allowing complex systems to load data only as and when required. The source code remains that of Bluegate Technology Solutions and the cost to client is for license fee usage. All software components plug in to this tool. Secure Login - Dependant on requirements, administration rights are regulated via a secure login procedure where each administrator or super-user can gain access to the administration back-end via a username and password feature. This can either be generated by the system (automatically) or managed by the administrator. Administrator Management - As administrators, the site can be maintained from the back-end. Here the administrator can add, edit and delete Users (other administrators), Content, Files, News articles, Calendar of Events, Workflow, Applications and Reports on the site's activities on the web. A Help feature is also included to assist new users to the system. On completion, the administrator / user simply logs out. Process flow - Information from the back-end is linked to the front-end of the website. As users load or edit data and then save it, the data is viewable on the front-end. The system is easy to understand and users become accustomed to the interface very quickly. We also have a basic administration tool which allows users to edit information on the pages, the costs remain the same, just a different method of interacting with the data.

Shopping cart and payment gateway

For the company wishing to sell items, products and related services online. This module is also based on the CMS system integration and integrates with payment gateways such as VCS and PayPal. This allows you to upload your products, name, tag, write a small abstract and put a price to them without any hassles. The system takes care of the quantities and costing from thereon. The only precautions we do have is for P&P as we are not always sure how far parcels travel, what their weights are etc. This requires that we meet with you to precisely understand your requirements.

Banner manager

The banner manager allows you to sell banner and advertising space on your website. This module assists users in the following:
• Identifying on which site to place an advert
• Selecting an appropriate area on a specific page or pages
• Gives a costing model per advert and space allocation as well as for the length of time that the advert displays
• Issues an invoice for online payment
• Notifies the user of renewals
• Reporting on advert click throughs

Document and File Manager

The Bluegate DMS is a custom built system developed to effectively manage a variety of document types. Our DMS incorporates the latest technologies to bring you a product that enables you to increase your productivity and that is easy to work with. Tied in with a workflow, this DMS allows multiple users to manage the library without having unification problems. Drag & Drop functionality - Bluegate’s DMS has an advanced functionality built in called drag and drop. This allows you to drag multiple files from your desktop and drop them on your DMS to automatic uploading. Multiple/simultaneous uploads - With Bluegate’s DMS you can upload multiple files at once. This decreases the time spent adding documents to the DMS and increase productivity. Tree structure - The tree structure is created for easy access to documents; it uses AJAX which means it only loads the information when the user requests it. This increases the speed and productivity. DMS Workflow - The workflow enables you to manage the process of multiple users. If a user makes adjustments to the DMS the administrator can decline, approve or modify the process. This makes managing the DMS and the process user friendly.

Member Manager

The Member manager ties in directly to a CMS or Intranet system and functions as a facility to load and display member information. This facility is administered by an administrator, linking permission rights to members in terms of viewing rights to information. It also ties up to the e-Mail Client and allows the administrator to add, edit and delete information on the system. It is also linked to an upload facility to link CVs and related documents of the member to the member’s system ID number. Therefor you will have all the members information in one central database. Easy to manage and update, this tool is a must for small to large corporates.

The Events Calendar Manager

The events calendar is a calendar component which integrates with the administration system. Dependant on the “Look and Feel” of the general site, it skins the same colour scheme as the rest of the site. Via the admin system, you can update users which are linked via e-mail accounts to the system. The system then permits registered users to access event dates and add their own. This information automatically updates the backend system so that all participants are on one calendar tool. The Events Calendar Manager allows medium to large firms to manage their interim calendar events via one database. The system also allows for workflow integration. It is an added component which can be ordered separately. The advantage of the events calendar is that it can tie up to other components such as the Staff Directory, the News Manager and e-Mail client to deliver seamless integration of listed events and happenings. When these components are tied up to this module, easily create new events, contact information, add an attachment to the event and Geo-link to a Google map .

The E-mail Client

The E-Mail client is an online e-mail facility which can be used by small to large corporates to manage their own secure e-mails via the internet environment. You basically get the same functionality but it is now branded with your corporate identity and interfaces with your companies Calendar of Events Manager via secure login procedures. The tool melds with either the CMS of your website or the Intranet application. Simple to understand and easy to use, this application will connect everybody in the company via e-mail and the calendar component. Effortlessly search for users on the linked menu, type in messages and link images and documents as you would with your normal e-mail office software.

Audiovisual Module

The media manager ties in directly to a CMS or Intranet system and functions as a facility to load, display and play all media types. Easy to upload, the files are simply dragged and dropped into the directory of your choice or created and the system automatically categorises the new media file. Video files should be converted to an FLV file to enable uploading and can be imported to the management tool. FLV file creator programmes are readily available on the internet to assist you. As bandwidth is available the files stream. Via the upload tool, you can also Geo-tag the event to the system ie. indicating where a video footage was shot.

The News Manager

The News Manager is a tool which adds newsfeed content to a website or intranet interface. The tool is easily integrated and can link to RSS feeds. It allows administrators to create calendar directories and can have an infinite number of feeds posted. On website interfaces, the feed-through would be visible on the homepage, limited to 5 or 10 abstracts and links directly to the page of interest. The news articles can also be Geo-tagged to display where an event has taken place.

Geo-tagging and Google Map Integration

Google Map Integration is possible to our CMS and as a result you can Geo-tag events. This means that when a new event via the Google Map platform is created, you can indicate exactly where the even will occur. It is a helpful feature when needing to give directions to destinations.

Statistics and Graphing Module

This component is quoted on a per project basis as the alterations to the system depend on company data through-put and requirements. The system allows you to integrate current data sets into a user friendly environment. The result is that either the structured information or the charts are live data and can be edited from the CMS. It all depends on query, graphing components such as pie charts, bars etc. This component has various applications and being online, it can be accessed via secure login features from anywhere.